Gardening in Black and White Continued.

Plants to be moved or removed

Designing for a Colorado garden.

Continuation from The Garden in Black and White

So the black and white photo of the main flower bed in my backyard has shown room for improvement in terms of defining shapes, plant placement, interesting foliage, and being plainly overcrowded.   Many of my plants are now at their mature size or at least they better be, I say with fingers and toes crossed.

Eliminating Overcrowding

They are so many wonderful plants I’ve planted, and it’s so hard to let go when they no longer fit.

The pictures below shows where plant placement in this bed was mainly based on the size of the plant at planting time, with only a  little consideration of  the space requirements when mature.

The first step is editing.  The plants I want to keep in place, I’ll leave in the picture as is.

TO BE MOVED / REMOVED:  In orange.

  1. Rudbeckia – move in front of the middle trellis.  In this picture you can see how it may look.  This will free up space behind the blue globe spruce for a plant with darker maybe more red / purple in color to contrast with the bright blue of the spruce.  Perhaps a columnar or pyramidal shape to mimic the shape of the alberta spruce.
  2. Nigra Hollyhock – Move this farther back to sit in front of the far left trellis.
  3. liatris – bunch this liatris with the other liatris and move it in front of the far right trellis.
  4. daylily – this will move further to the right to be able to see the beauty of the peony.
  5. morning primrose  – REMOVE from bed. Although the flowers are gorgeous, a beautiful yellow with delicate petals, the plant has bad form and when not in flower looks like a weed.  A weed with nice shiny leaves, but a weed at that.
  6. liatris – bunch this liatris with the other liatris and move it in front of the far right trellis.
  7. delphinium – move these further back just to the left of the far right trellis.
  8. shasta daisy – REMOVE from bed. I love shasta daisies and their pretty white flowers, this one becomes lanky as it doesn’t get enough sun, and just doesn’t perform.  I may look for a shasta that is a smaller form to move up front.



Plants to be moved or removed. 1. Rudbeckia 2. hollyhock 3. liatris 4. daylily 5. morning primrose 6. liatris 7. delphinium 8. shasta daisy



So where is the Black?  That will come in my next segment.


Black Scallop Ajuga

Sambucus Nigra ‘Black Beauty’

Black negligee Snakeroot

Other ideas for dark leaved plants.


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