Plants for winter interest

Interesting Winter Plants for Colorado. Winter lasts a good four to five months in the high plains of Colorado.  So you can imagine that a garden’s looks in winter are as important as summer’s.  Unfortunately I’ve tended to forget all about winter when choosing my plants during the growing season.  Then come January I’m berating… Continue reading Plants for winter interest

Design Tips

I am going to start a collection of garden tips I’ve read to refer to while I am redesigning my back garden. The design tips are from (Better Homes and Gardens). Great design begins at the foundation of your home with vertical accents. Play up columns, corners of your porch, or your front entry with plant materials such… Continue reading Design Tips

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Winter has arrived

My favorite squirrel

Goodbye Colorado Indian summer, hello winter! This fall has been so mild I was beginning to wonder if winter had any plans on showing up this year. This week we’ve seen 8″ or more in a few storms here in Colorado. I caught this guy at our feeder, he scurried up the tree, but not… Continue reading Winter has arrived