Sunflowers, a Study in Solar Efficiency

there's 137 degrees between florets in there somewhere.

How do you gather the most sun in the least amount of space? Who does it better than anything else?  What else than a flower named for it, a sunflower. Math Engineer, Alexander Mitsos, from MIT used numerical optimization to find  the most efficient space design for concentrating solar power plants, like Gemsolar in Spain.  In… Continue reading Sunflowers, a Study in Solar Efficiency

Over watering indoor plants

3 of 6 geraniums near dead from over watering

Why is my first inclination when seeing a yellowing plant is to water it more?  This is especially true for indoor plants.   In an earlier post I wrote about propagating geraniums through cuttings.  My main reason for trying to propagate the plant was the fact that the main plant was ailing quite a bit.  Today… Continue reading Over watering indoor plants

Gardening in black and white chapter 3

In this installment of gardening in black and white, the plants from the last chapter have been removed. If only it were so easy in the physical world right?  These will actually be moved in early spring as soon as I can see where the plants are.

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    Red Twig Dogwood Layering in April or May, or softwood cuttings in June, or hardwood cuttings in late fall. Propagation of this plant is extremely easy.

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Propagating Geraniums

Taking Cuttings Annuals can add such striking color in our gardens.  But like everyone else I am looking for ways to stretch my gardening budget.  One way is propagation. Normally I purchase a couple hanging planters each year to give my patio some color.  Our local nursery grows wonderful geraniums that just burst with flowers. Each… Continue reading Propagating Geraniums

What’s in a Name – Buchner in Botany

Flowers bearing the name Buchner

Today I come across flowers containing the Buchner family name. Could I grow these in a Colorado garden?     Genus Buchnera — a plant genus inthe Orobanchaceae family also known as  broomrape.  This genus was recently moved from the Scrophulariaceae family, also known as the figwort family. The Orobanchaceae family are predominantly parasitic plants using the… Continue reading What’s in a Name – Buchner in Botany