Is your home garden safe from GMOs?

I am a reticent vegetable gardener.  I liken growing a vegetable patch to eating healthy versus adding to the beauty I like  to look upon.  There’s a resistance to the process even though I know how delicious home grown food tastes and how good it makes me feel. 

So imagine my shock and despair when someone said Burpee seeds buys from Monsanto! What?  You mean that company that sends spies to test independent farmer’s crops to see if they are “stealing” the pesticide infused seeds, and proceed to sue if even a single plant among acres of other plants is found to be Monsanto’s creation? Surely Burpee wouldn’t be in business with such a notorious seed producer.  As a home grower expecting higher quality, Monsanto’s soy and corn can’t be ensured to have equivalent nutrient value to non-genetically modified seed because independent studies are forbidden by law from publishing independent research in peer-reviewed journals without Monsanto’s approval.  So a company can disallow studies that do not agree with their internal research.  Orwellian isn’t it?  Since there is no way to know what seeds are genetically modified because labelling doesn’t show it, I need to research what seeds could be a product of Monsanto.

Immediately I sent emails to Seminis, Monsanto, and Burpee asking if the seeds I just purchased could be genetically modified Monsanto mutants.  Seminis and Monsanto never replied, imagine that.

But you can be assured that Burpee understands the needs of the home gardener.  The reality is Burpee purchases some seeds from a company called Seminis, which is owned by Monsanto.  The Burpee company has had so many inquiries about GMOs they have written a page to inform their consumers of what their relation is to Monsanto and genetically modified seeds.  See   Unfortunately many organic bloggers do not believe Mr. Ball or that Seminis products have not been infiltrated with GMOs.


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