Meet Peep

Don't disturb this little guy.

Don’t disturb this little guy. Peep came to rest under the apple tree.  This big, tired girl can’t quite nod off.  She’s wondering why are looking at her? This is the first of hopefully many great anniversary gifts!  I so love my husband… he even carried this seventy pound creature out to the back.  Ssssh.… Continue reading Meet Peep

Square Foot Garden – Soil Mixture

Vege soil mixture

They say to have a great garden you must have great soil. So starting with suggestions of square foot gardeners I created my own soil.  The original recipe called for equal parts compost, vermiculite and peat moss. This mixture turned out to be too light for Colorado heat and dried out too quickly. **Note peat… Continue reading Square Foot Garden – Soil Mixture

Square Foot Garden – Raised Bed Installation

Three months after beginning a plan for our new vegetable garden and purchasing seeds,  and one month after  creating the square foot layout, and making the raised beds, we can finally get the vegetable beds prepared for the square foot method.  The tomatoes have been growing for over 8 weeks and are languishing on our deck,… Continue reading Square Foot Garden – Raised Bed Installation

Dragons and other Mythical creatures

I found the companions of my favorite new garden creature, Paws. Campania International is a wholesaler that specializes in cast stone pieces for your garden. They have a link to find a retailer near you.  Last year I was able to get these statues from Creek Side Gardens, and will try again there this year.  But… Continue reading Dragons and other Mythical creatures

Pineapple Sage – Salvia Elegans

Pineapple sage returning in early May.

  Pineapple sage (Salvia elegans) is an annual I buy almost every year to smell its wonderfully sweet scent, and enjoy red trumpet like flowers in early fall.  This plant’s scent would make you wish for the invention of scratch and sniff internet images. Yet the most surprising garden find this spring has been the… Continue reading Pineapple Sage – Salvia Elegans

Adding color with Heuchera

Heuchera 'Caramel'

Heuchera, commonly known as coral bells, can add a burst of color in your Colorado garden where you need a low growing plant in a variety of sun conditions. This year I purchased a beauty called, Heuchera ‘Caramel‘, whose emerging leaves are a pinkish-coral that mature to a wonderful buttery tan.  The leaves are fuzzy… Continue reading Adding color with Heuchera

Some of my favorite pictures from 2011

Having an interest in gardening and an interest in photography helps me improve both areas.  Having pictures to take so close to home is such a bonus! Here are some of my favorites from last year’s garden.    

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2012 Spring arrivals

I am happy to say that many of the late purchases of  last season have returned this warm Colorado spring.  For me the most joyful part of gardening is seeing a misplaced or mistreated plant beat the odds. Thelypteris decursive-pinnata (Japanese Beech Fern) These ferns are planted under a silver maple, in very dry shade.… Continue reading 2012 Spring arrivals