2012 Spring arrivals

I am happy to say that many of the late purchases of  last season have returned this warm Colorado spring.  For me the most joyful part of gardening is seeing a misplaced or mistreated plant beat the odds.

Thelypteris decursive-pinnata (Japanese Beech Fern) These ferns are planted under a silver maple, in very dry shade.  This tree sucks every last bit of water available from near its trunk.  As you can see from last year’s pictures they didn’t look too hot back then and I had little expectation of their return.

I am giving them supplemental water about 2x a week, and have mulched them to a depth of 2 inches.  More pictures to come.  Info for the beech fern can be found at Front Yard Plants.



Lillum pumilum (Turk’s Cap Siberian Lily) Like the fern these guys are coming around again this year, a little spindly but alive under the silver maple.

They also receive supplemental water about 2x a week, and are mulched.  The lily is supposed to produce bright orange flowers.  Many of the sites say this plant likes its soil well drained, and lots of water.  Two things Colorado shade is not.  These poor guys may not make it unless I pull them out of the rain shadow of the silver maple.  Another post says not to plant them deeper than a couple inches, and they should bloom in early spring.  Hmmm maybe I’ve already missed the boat 🙂  Info for the Turk’s Cap can be found at Front Yard Plants and Wikipedia.

Turk's Cap Lily


Weigela florida ‘Minor Black’ I purchased this shrub for $5.98 on close out last August but didn’t manage to get it into the ground until October.  Being that late I didn’t water it as often as I’d hoped.  The plant has come back!  Its leaves are a much lighter color than shown.  It will get a good amount of sun in the backyard flower bed, and I hope the sun will enhance the color.  I may move some of the plants around it to give it a better presence in the garden.   More Info



Clematis  Clematis ‘jackmannii’ and Clematis Sangria ‘Mrs. Cholmendley’ Along with the Weigela these clematis were a bargain purchase but sat in their tiny pots for nearly two months before making it into the ground.  They are planted in the hottest / sunniest part of my yard, in between my shed and the fireplace stack.  They are quite happy so far on a new trellis.  The biggest problem I see for their placement is the lack of sprinkler system here, so they will have to rely on my memory.


Weigela 'Minor Black'

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