Wonderful Navona lillies

Very nice Navonas

Purchasing  a few budget bulbs from a big box store were meant to be fillers until I found something else to plant.  But these Navona lillies are quite impressive.  Each hardy stem had as many as 5 flowers each.  The plants withstood an early June hail that left many plants ailing. Each flower was a… Continue reading Wonderful Navona lillies

Vegetables after hail, heat, and hungry herbivores

Happy to say many of the vegetables survived the early hail storm. Yesterday we were happy to see a big fat flower on the crookneck squash, and many more buds are appearing on all the squash plants.  I believe the nasturtiums may yet flower to help protect the squash from bugs. The new jalapenos are… Continue reading Vegetables after hail, heat, and hungry herbivores

Open Days Denver 2012

View towards the rock garden

This year my friend Brenda and I visited three of the five private Denver area gardens that were open to the public for the day.  Each visit was $5 per  person collected to support  Garden Conservancy projects that have helped preserve over 90 American gardens. Each garden was a site to behold, the work and… Continue reading Open Days Denver 2012

The Early Summer Garden

A view from the deck

My back garden is finally maturing into a place with a nice view. Its hard to remember what it looked like originally, and I’ve had quite a time trying to make the garden look cohesive.  I think I’m getting closer.   Peonies, roses and delphiniums add color in late spring, early summer. Mixed here and… Continue reading The Early Summer Garden

Square Foot Garden – Irrigation and Planting!

After building boxes, installing beds, and making soil we finally got to plant the square foot plan I created.  As with all plans, adjustments were made to better accommodate the plants I had and the irrigation I convinced my husband Mike to create. Irrigation Originally Mike envisioned spray heads at each corner of the beds.  I thought this might… Continue reading Square Foot Garden – Irrigation and Planting!