The Early Summer Garden

A view from the deck

My back garden is finally maturing into a place with a nice view.

Its hard to remember what it looked like originally, and I’ve had quite a time trying to make the garden look cohesive.  I think I’m getting closer.


A view from the deck

Peonies, roses and delphiniums add color in late spring, early summer. Mixed here and there are clematis that peek through.  I plan to move the wispy daffodils further back in the garden and remove the lime green evergreen to make room for a raised bed filled with annuals.

Crazy delphiniums
Aurora Lavender Delphinium


These delphiniums were purchased as 18″ little beauties.  They are now over 60″ tall and a centerpiece of the garden.

Miss Kate in the future rose garden

Even with a lot of planting done there is more empty space.  This will be a rose bed.




An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.