A mum to remember

Made for a gorgeous boquet

    Do you ever wonder where florists get the flowers they use?     Ever since my husband bought me this bouquet, I’ve wanted to find a green mum. One place to find green is Kings Mums Although none have the mint / lime green this one has, I do like the variety Killeen.  … Continue reading A mum to remember

Building a better bench

For our new patio Wanting to reuse the cushions we have http://www.morelikehome.net/2011/06/our-new-outdoor-sectional.html

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First Square Garden – Lessons

Zuchinni after two weeks oil treatment

This year was quite a good year for learning in my first square foot garden.  Having so many lessons also means having little yield.  But I would rather learn many lessons in a single year than struggle for years to come. Today is Day 70 Lesson 1.  More Sun  Veges other than leaf varieties really… Continue reading First Square Garden – Lessons

Container for a shady spot

A nice spot to sit

If you have an area of your yard that is shady and lacks color, I have a combination for you. There is nothing like a bright lime green to brighten a shady spot. This combination of lime green potato vine, white and green caladium and rusty coleus adds life to an area of my yard that… Continue reading Container for a shady spot