Container for a shady spot

A nice spot to sit

Originally posted: 8/1/2012

Planters are an easy way to add color to a garden. If you have an area of your yard that is shady and lacks color, I have a combination for you.

When choosing planter combinations for shade brighter is better. There is nothing like lime green to add life to a darker corner.

Shade loving container

This combination of lime green potato vine, white and green caladium ‘Aaron’ and rusty coleus adds life to an area of my yard that is shaded by large bushes.

Caladium are tender perennials for any zone below 10 and must be lifted in the fall or overwintered in a pot in a sunny area. The tubers can be divided to make more plants. To purchase large tubers from a family owned company check out

Sweet potato vine (Ipomeoea batatas) is a staple in most retail nurseries and big box stores. Originating from Mexico, these ornamental cultivars are not tasty. But they will brighten up any container as a trailing plant.

A nice spot to sit

Coleus come in many colors. Bright pinks, chartreuse, gold, orange and bold reds have tropical flair. They also do well overwintering as house plants and can be propagated by cuttings. The plant seen here has produced years of summer annuals with little effort.

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