Adding more structure to the flower bed

Hydrangea 'shugert'

Over time the flower bed in the backyard has progressed from a bed with mostly ground cover, a couple peonies and perennials, to a bed dominated by shrubs, flowering vines, and a few perennials. To lower the maintenance further, I have removed some ailing day-lillies and sage that have seen better days, and replaced with two hydrangeas that should bloom July through September on repeat blooms.

To plant, I created a large trench 2 times the width of the pots to allow for more of the soil to be amended with peat moss and compost. At either end I planted the hydrangeas, keeping them close together as I intend them to form a small hedge. If each plant were to stand on their own there should be at least 4′ between the plants.

Hardiness: Zones 4 – 9
Bloom time: July through September
Average Size: 3 – 4′ H x 3 – 4′ W
Light: Zone 4 – 6 Full sun to partial shade
Zone 7 – 9 Partial shade
Water: Keep soil moist, but not saturated.
Fertilize: In spring with a 10 – 10 – 10 fertilizer.
Prune: Early Spring to size, can be pruned at any time during the year with out compromising the blooms.

General Care: Water occasionally throughout the fall and winter, especially before a hard freeze. A 3-4″ layer of organic mulch is recommended year round to reduce weeds,conserve moisture, and protect the roots during cold weather. Little pruning is required other than removing spent flowers, or to trim to desired size in early spring.

Hydrangea 'shugert'

With the new blue fence, I think having pink, white and light yellow as a palette in front of the fence will be very nice.

Prior to this my palette was purple and yellow and it will be a little too much for in front of the fence.

Hydrangea shugert in blue

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