The Late Summer Garden

Many big changes have taken place this summer. We removed the big green monster, a hedge that could never stay tamed. Added a new fence, and painted the small garden fence. The rock wall was rebuilt and a new garden bed was added.
So here is a view of the old, the interim, and the new.


No matter how much I tried to make my garden look nice, the hedge over powered it all.

Horrible hedge, sad wall 2011


The openness of no fence between us and our neighbors was tempting to keep, but alas it would have been strange to have only one of the three sides of fence open.

The Interim - Liked the openess


The new fence is a standout in the new garden and does go nicely with the new blue fence.  But as it ages and takes on more gray it will recede and not seem so enclosing.  The new rock wall gives more definition to the gardens shape and although this picture doesn’t show it well, the rock walls make a continuous visual line along the back.


Boyd Fence completed the fence work.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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