Spring To-Do list 2013

Where did 2012 go? Did I just imagine it?

No of course not. I did get some fun projects done over the summer, but never had time to post. I plan to do so here soon, its on my spring to do list! As usual the not so fun items from 2011/2012 lists never seem to get done. But this year I plan to finish many up as a renovation project will cut my new garden spending budget. With that said its always good to complete some work.


  1. Flagstone patio – Soon there will be a patio door out to this area so its quite necessary to get this done.
  2. Steps to back from patio door, fill in missing soil at corner of house.
  3. Trim honey locust shading east end of vege garden.
  4. Rose garden – Turn over more soil, add peat, compost, vermiculite.
  5. Replace rotten wood on shed – GOT WOOD
  6. Seal concrete patio
  7. move compost bin closer to door from garage.
  8. Create path from flagstone patio to main patio.
  9. Mulch, mulch, mulch
  10. Prep vege garden, add compost to beds.
  11. Clean up side yard and shed.
  12. Extend zone for flower garden to rose garden.
  13. Fix gravel path in front of rose bed.
  14. Upper deck – planters for corn, creating privacy.
  15. Dig up shade garden, and treat soil with more vermiculite, peat moss.  Create new garden plan.
  16. Get sprinkler ready.
  17. Create retaining wall in front of new fence. Got Blocks


  1. Clean up beds
  2. Setup water feature, add lighting, timer.
  3. Spot paint trim.
  4. Create plan for additional plumbago planting, creeping jenny, lavender., Got lavender and creeping Jenny.
  5. Mulch, mulch, mulch

Problem areas

  1. Create plan for more privacy on south end of the patio. – Got wire for creating a vine shade.
  2. Create plan for area between rose garden and vegetable garden.
  3. Find ways to lighten up north side of back yard.  Tree trimming, gazing balls, mirrored surfaces?
  4. Create list of the must have plants – find places in the garden for each.
  5. Dry-Deck System – determine cost/ feasibility.
  6. Lighting plan for front / back yard.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.