Take the pressure off bees, ban Neonicotinoids.

A bee visiting my shasta daisies in June 2012

It was only a year ago that spring brought the wonderful lazy sound of bees browsing the morning’s display of catmint and dandelions.   This year, with a wet cold spring, only a few made it to the blooming of the catmint, and fewer yet remain.   We had at least one late freeze and a wet… Continue reading Take the pressure off bees, ban Neonicotinoids.

Meet Eryl

Eryl standing tall

Eryl is a majestic guardian of the flower bed.  As dragons go he is tall (24″) and handsome with a wisdom from living many years. He makes his home near the blue globe spruce and is delighted by the yellow primrose (oenothera macrocarpa) at his feet. This Campania dragon was an anniversary gift (2013)  from… Continue reading Meet Eryl