Beauty of Pollination

An image from the Schwartzberg film, "Wings of Life"

This Ted talk video shows an up close and beautiful view of the flowers and the pollinators they attract.  Good reminder of the need to keep these guys happy and healthy by reducing the insecticides that weaken pollinating bees.

Louis Schwartzberg’s high speed film, Wings of Life,  gives an intimate view of the interactions between the pollinator and it environment.

If you want to help,  donate to a fund to help fight Bayer suit in the European courts to roll back the ban on neonicotinoids in the EU.  The SumOfUs has hired legal specialists to provide a counterpoint to Bayer and Syngenta’s move to block the ban and allow these harmful pesticides to once again weaken the European bee colonies.


One gorgeous shot….

An image from the Schwartzberg film, "Wings of Life"

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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