Can I be a Habitat Hero?

Western Tiger Swallowtail

The other day I was browsing my favorite plant catalog, High Country Gardens and read they have collaborated with Audobon Rockies and Plant Select to participate in the Habitat Hero project aiming to restore bird habitat and promote wildscaping. Lauren Springer Ogden created a pre-planned garden that provides food for birds.  While this garden has… Continue reading Can I be a Habitat Hero?

The Small Garden Knot

small garden knot   For a smaller knot garden, choose lower-growing herbs to create a flat tapestry effect. Here are some good choices: clove pinks (Dianthus cary­ophyllus cvs., Zones 5–9), silver lemon-scented thyme (Thymus X citriodorus ‘Argenteus’, Zones 6–9), caraway thyme (Thymus herba-barona, Zones 6–9), white creeping thyme (Thymus praecox ssp. arcticus var. albus,Zones 5–9), golden thyme (Thymus… Continue reading The Small Garden Knot

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A Treasure Lost? Chatfield Reservoir

    One of my favorite things about the area I live in is the access to natural environments within my community. I learned today that place will be lost perhaps forever. The reallocation of the Chatfield reservoir near my home will inundate large riparian areas and a state park heavily used in the summer… Continue reading A Treasure Lost? Chatfield Reservoir

Straw Bale Garden

Just one of these can be a garden's home

This week I have received my vegetable seeds and are starting plans for next years garden. I came across a new way to keep a vegetable garden weed free, the straw bale garden.   The inventor of this method, Joel Karsten has written a book called ‘Straw Bale Gardens’ to show gardeners the method.  Essentially… Continue reading Straw Bale Garden