Straw Bale Garden

Just one of these can be a garden's home

This week I have received my vegetable seeds and are starting plans for next years garden.

I came across a new way to keep a vegetable garden weed free, the straw bale garden.   The inventor of this method, Joel Karsten has written a book called ‘Straw Bale Gardens’ to show gardeners the method.  Essentially you buy straw bales, (not hay bales that have seeds).  Keeping them twined, you carve out a small area in the top of the bale and put some potting soil to begin the rooting of your plants.  As some time goes by the bales begin to compost in the center creating new heated soil to nourish your growing plants.  This method allows for earlier planting as you do not have to wait for your soil to heat up, and there is less weeding.

The concern in a Colorado garden is keeping adequate moisture for the process and how it will function in high dry heat.

I’m considering the method for:

  1. Early Spring crops of lettuce.
  2. Extending my garden to a gravelled area needing much work to become a “traditional” garden plot.
  3. Hardening off my indoor seedlings.
  4. Future use of a large concrete pad.
Just one of these can be a garden's home

As I experiment, I will update this post.



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