Front yard new additions from seed


To keep with the plans for pollinator friendly gardens, I am adding three short lived perennials to my front garden.

Each of the following will be started from seed, some indoors and some outside.

Hollyhock ‘Peaches n Dreams’  5 ft – 6 ft tall x 24″ w

These hollyhocks are biennial, and will be a focal point with their upright growth.  With only 15 seeds, I will be starting these indoors where I can watch their progress more closely.  I have germinated hollyhocks from seed before with some success.

Seedling Status 3/30 –   3 seedlings doing well – had issues with lighting and will see if new flourescents will do the trick.


Penstemon strictus  24 in – 2 ft 6 in x 18″w

Rocky Mountain beardtongue is a Colorado native with bluish purple flowers.  These plants will feed not only bees but hummingbirds as well.  I have read propagating these from seed can be difficult as they need a longer cold stratification period and many do not germinate in the first year.  I have sown 1 packet outdoors starting today 3/10 with a chance of snow tomorrow.  This may be late as they require 2-3 months of 40 degree weather.  I will also put some seed in a damp papertowel and put them in the fridge for a few weeks to see how an indoor propagation might work.

Seedling Status 3/30: Seeds are in fridge to keep the 40 degree temp for another two weeks before trying to propagate.

Monarda bergamo  20 in – 2 ft 4 in tall x 18″ w

The monarda is food for bees, butterflies and birds.  I am hoping they do well as I want to have the bees buzzing around this year.  I have sown a packet outdoors and will also try some indoors.

Seedling Status 3/30. Have 10 seedlings started.  Slow to form their first leaves.

Indoor propagation medium:  Jiffy peat pots in planting trays that sit on a warming mat.



I may also add an annual called Lupine ‘Sunrise’, but that will depend on how well they propagate.




An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.