Designing the Pollinator’s Garden

After reading the book,  Planting, A New Perspective,  I am taking a measured approach to the plan for the pollinator’s garden.  While the plant material is nature friendly, the design need not be untamed.   Having a relatively tiny area to cover the plan will be a challenge as seed mixes can bring the unexpected.  So I have planned for the plants whose seed I bought separately and will put in patches of the seed mix to see what grows.  The large plants will be removed to fit only those that play nicely in the space.



On the left is an 8′ x 6′ wide space and on the right the main area is 9′ x 6′.  There is a small space 3.5′ x 5′.

Each grid space is 1’x1′ laid on a diagonal pattern to better see the plantings.   My photoshop skills don’t allow for the best measurements so will have to see if this becomes a jumbled mess at its end!   There are some unsightly parts of this side yard that have to be covered by either annual vines or taller plants — Marked UT (Gas meter).

I placed some of the fountain grass closer to the walkways to allow for movement along the path as their leaves catch the wind.

Below is picture of the area as of now.  Note there is more rock to dig up, a back breaking task indeed.


Below is a poor rendering of the garden with grasses, echinacea, and rudbeckia. The old gardening program I have is limited in the palette, and sizing.  Imagine the garden below only 2x as tall.



An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.