Pollinator’s Garden – Year 2

Pollinator 07-27-2015

The experimental pollinator garden continued this year but with an El Nino spring.  The usefulness of the growth data gathered remains unknown.  The spring started with three times the normal precipitation that continued through June.  We were then hit with high temperatures and near drought conditions for the remainder of the summer.  While there was no need for irrigation during the first 2 months of summer, by August many of the plants were suffering from lack of irrigation.  The echinacea’s growth made the plants top heavy and by late August most have become leggy.  Both the Linum and Echinacea produced seeds which will be gathered to determine their propagation traits.

The Texas scarlet sage did reproduce from seed but as on 9/7 had not flowered.  Unfortunate as they were so pretty.

May – 7.4 inches of rain : Average 2.1

You will note attempts to reduce the reflective sun and heat from both the brick and light painted siding.  The side of the garden without this reflective heat fared much better than plants closest to the wall.


Total Count: 8

By August,  the echinacea were in full bloom and stood between 48 and 60″ tall.

10-50 blooms per plant, 4 to 15 flowers per stem.



Total Count: 3

By August,  42″

50 – 70 blooms per plant, with main stems having as many as 25 flowers per stem.


Total Count:  3

One bloomed two times, in May then again in mid August.

By August, 24″ tall.


Blue Grama

Total Count: 15

By August only  2 had seed heads.

Fountain Grass

Total Count: 3

Only 1 of the 3 has seed heads.

By August 18″ tall.

Western flower Mix

Only one flower was found, the showy goldeneye.  Although there were supposed to be a mixture of many more, none produced from seed.  See western flower mix

The Pollinator 06-08-15
Pollinator 07-27-2015
8-30-2015 View of the shadier side of Pollinator
Droopy leaves after a long bought without rain

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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