A look at the Past

After a complete scrape

Do you ever think man don’t look back? I do.  All the time.  And about most everything!  Yet eventually you realize letting the cobwebs obscure the past, makes you forgot whats important. It blurs the tapestry woven with the fine threads of every day life. While cleaning out the cobwebs of this site, I came… Continue reading A look at the Past

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A True Gardener

Flicker babies 2012

Much of my life is given to understand the earth we inhabit from its celestial foundations to the organisms that benefit from the Earth’s life giving condition.  By its nature, gardening feeds all these interests through the combination of: earth weather water microorganisms plants insects birds animals and the sun’s driving energy Imagine all the… Continue reading A True Gardener

See the Trees

A tree on its own to grow with no obstruction to the natural form it’s destined to become is something to behold.  For those aware, it brings smiles and even deep admiration of its existence.   Some, like my sister seek out these trees and make their view a bright spot in their day.  When damaged,… Continue reading See the Trees

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