See the Trees

A tree on its own to grow with no obstruction to the natural form it’s destined to become is something to behold.  For those aware, it brings smiles and even deep admiration of its existence.   Some, like my sister seek out these trees and make their view a bright spot in their day.  When damaged, or worse cut down by those who can’t see its value,  admirers feel its loss the same as any friend you’ve come to know.
In our electronic age, where so many people’s attention is drawn down to their phones and other devices,  these trees go unnoticed –  treasures ignored.  Like the homeless man whose talents cannot be seen for the value placed on his station in life,  a tree in an electronic society is invisible.
So why not bring the trees to the Internet? Then take a few minutes and find your tree!

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An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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