A look at the Past

the view out back
After a complete scrape

Do you ever think man don’t look back?

I do.  All the time.  And about most everything!  Yet eventually you realize letting the cobwebs obscure the past, makes you forgot whats important. It blurs the tapestry woven with the fine threads of every day life.

While cleaning out the cobwebs of this site, I came across pictures of a youthful Katie dog, in my first home.  There she played in a barren backyard stripped for its makeover.  That was 2002.  I had saved enough money to get a patio put in.  It would replace the tiny cracking flagstone with nice strait edges – and boast a built in garden bed ready for spring daffodils and summer blooms.

Old S. Sherman St., Englewood.

our little house
The front after 5 years - little change

I had such a love / hate relationship with that house and yard.  It was the first place to call my own and make of it what I could.

It’s where I got my garden bug. And where I fell deeply in love with a wonderful man.  It was my every goal to make our home as beautiful and comfortable as could be.  A yard for entertaining was high on list.

2002 was another year of drought. I decided it was better to put in a lawn that could stay green with no water. Out went the patchy, bug-infested, crab-grass infested blue grass.  In came buffalo grass and a raised garden for vegetables.

I never got to fully complete my vision, as we bought another house in 2004.  But this house will always hold a special place in my heart.

A comparison of old and new can be seen at

the view out back
After a complete scrape
another view
From the north
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