The Pollinator garden today

Today, I officially joined the Million Pollinator Gardens ranks.   Through initiatives like theirs we can learn how important our small plots of land might sustain the very important neighbors we have that keep our world fruiting. I can’t wait to be a better member of the community of life.    Currently both the Echinacea just started… Continue reading The Pollinator garden today

Spaghetti squash

Winter squash blooms are the happiest of all the vege flowers.  I have a few small fruits already, and can’t wait to taste it!    The three sisters didn’t work out in this bed.  The beans never sprouted.  

Finally a rest

There is nothing like the feeling when the garden is just clean enough to warrant a rest. After a couple years neglect, the walkways needed a good clean and weeds were everywhere.  This morning I sit happily after many hours of work.    

The early summer garden

These pictures were taken the first week of June.  Late spring and early summer have the largest abundance of flowers with the peonies, roses, and clematis taking the main stage. The clematis below is in shade, getting only a couple hours of sun total a day. The weigela (burgundy leaves and dark pink flute shaped… Continue reading The early summer garden

Spring Harvest

The first crop of radishes took 6 weeks to be ready, a week longer than the seed packet said.  Early Scarlet Globe seeds were sown directly into the raised beds on April 3rd under a cold frame.  These did not have the heat of previous crops.   I don’t think I’ll use this kind again.… Continue reading Spring Harvest