Enjoying the garden

The dog days of summer.   I always wondered what that meant. I picture it as the time to take to the shade and enjoy all the hard work of spring and early summer. It’s the time to bring out the cooling sounds of a fountain.  Sip sun tea on the veranda. The planting is… Continue reading Enjoying the garden

Cucumbers, Squash and Rust

Now this looks like a pickle.  Just over two inches long. The cucumber leaves are showing a fungus of some type .. But not powdery mildew.   Will need to look that up.  Along with a recipe for rope tying.   Another squash flower with a bee on its anther.     

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Garden Panoramic

Long lists. Many hours.  Planning, scheduling, bending, lifting.  But I once again have my garden ready to enjoy.  And it couldn’t come soon enough! The gardener can’t rest until the plants are watered, birds fed, and the vision meets the envisioned. This year The afternoon view in mid-July at 5PM in the afternoon. This picture… Continue reading Garden Panoramic

Lavender Festival 2016

It was great to spend time with my dearest friend Brenda at the Chatfield Farm at Denver Botanic Gardens. Showing off over 800 lavender plants of many varieties, the lavender festival catered to all visitors with garden tours, food, and many vendors selling products made from the plant. In my garden,  ‘Provence’ has done well,… Continue reading Lavender Festival 2016

Banana split

The ingredients  Grilled pineapple  Bananas foster Fresh strawberries Hershey’s syrup Fresh cream Chopped pistachios Vanilla ice cream Cooking instructions Halve Cut 1 1/2 cups strawberries  Blend a few more strawberries with a pinch of sugar Whip cream  Grill pineapple rings on lightly oiled rack around 3 minutes each side, halve and keep warm Follow recipe… Continue reading Banana split

Serious Powdery Mildew on Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle vines are vigorous plants that tolerate many growing conditions.  My Lonicera Sipervens ‘Pink Lemonade‘ has been moved from house to house and landed in a very shady part of the front yard.  It has done well there until 2014, an unusually wet year. Water combined with poor air flow created perfect conditions for the… Continue reading Serious Powdery Mildew on Honeysuckle

Native shrubs for birds

I am looking to convert the yard to a true native oasis for our birds and insects.  Especially for those whose habitat is increasingly replaced with 10×30 foot “yards.”  Native bushes once gardened color, form or just a learning device,