Lavender abounds

My three little lavenders won’t be nearly so lovely as the 800 planted at the Botanic Gardens.   They are having a Lavender Festival at Chatfield on July 16th from 10 am to 6 pm.


3 little lavenders

I had intended to make soap with the lavender, until I read about soap making.  Its not a simple pick lavender, and put in soap!   No soap making is a hobby unto itself with many tools needed to support it.  If you are inclined to such things, I recommend the blog of the Nerdy Farm Wife Soap Making 101.  Here she also has a great recipe for a pretty lavender soap that uses purple clay!  I have way too much still to do in the garden!

So instead I will recite the simplest of uses for lavender.

Lavender Oil Lamp


  • 10 – 15 Sprigs of Lavender
  • Jar – Glass for canning or other heated liquids
  • Olive Oil
  • Wick – cotton string
  • Thin wire
  • For extra scent add essentail oil of lavender and

Arrange lavender blooms in jar.

You can purchase wicks or use cotton string.  Braid the string. (Note do not use synthetic material that might melt)

Secure the wicking material in the center of the jar using wire.

Fill with olive oil.. And there you are a simple oil lamp!


What I will use for my Lavender Oil Lamp;

Anchor Hocking 10-Ounce Emma Jar with Glass Cover, Set of 4


You can go to Amazon and purchase a candle making kit that will get you started with a soy wax and candle holders.

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