Golden Creeping Jenny Bloom

Lysimachia nummularia in bloom

Who knew Lysimichia nummulaira ‘Aurea’ bloomed?   What a lovely bloom it is!

Well I suppose you would if you read about it on Wikipedia, you wouldn’t have known looking at my garden!  For as long as mine has been happily growing under a silver maple it had never bloomed until this year.  A year of especially consistent summer rains.  I can only hope this wonderful gift from nature lasts.

This ground cover has many common names; moneywort, twopenny thot, twopence, but none better than my namesake Creeping Jenny.

NOTE: Field Bindweed is sometimes referred to as Creeping Jenny, and this is not the plant referenced here.  For more on that nasty bugger see:  Convolvulus arvensis


It grows in unfavorable conditions like the very dry clay under my silver maple.  After 7 years the plant has spread into a 7×5 foot patch.  I have planted others to fill in the bed around the maple where only the plumbago seems happy.  In mostly shade its a wonderful light chartreuse that brightens up any area.  In deeper shade the yellow does not come out as much.


The original species of Lysimichia can be unruly and a noxious weed in some areas, especially wet ones.  Be thoughtful using this plant, and keep to the cultivated variety ‘Aurea’  that is better behaved.  I don’t know if this cultivar has the same herbal properties (Phenolic Acids) that make it useful in treating gall stones and gout in traditional Chinese medicine.  Phenolic acids are the antioxidant component of many plants.

From the practical plants website it lists this plant as an herb that can be used for wound healing and can be brewed into a tea* SEE:  practical use for Lysimachia.


Some plants in the same genus include

Yellow loosestrife:  Lysimichia Vulgaris.

Yellow Pimpernel:  L.  nemorum

Tufted loosestrife: L.  thyrsiflora (N. Colorado Native)

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