Garden Panoramic

Long lists. Many hours.  Planning, scheduling, bending, lifting.  But I once again have my garden ready to enjoy.  And it couldn’t come soon enough!

The gardener can’t rest until the plants are watered, birds fed, and the vision meets the envisioned.

This year

The afternoon view in mid-July at 5PM in the afternoon.

This picture was taken prior to our ash tree going from long hair hippy to soldier ready for battle.

I will need to take another panoramic to see where the sun shines and when for planning.

Next year

Ok so enough enjoyment 🙂

Goodness willing, my garden will someday be all I imagine the best interaction between human and nature – symbiosis.

While most struggle to fight nature, it’s only themselves they fight.  They create an imbalance by poisoning the very things that could nourish them.  Soils take up what is sprayed and some of the nastier pesticides used in the large manufacture of garden plants kill indiscriminately.  So whether intentional or not, people fight insects that give life through their symbiotic journey.

I am making the move to a 60% native plant palette.  I can’t wait to watch more birds and buzzers make my yard their home.

Today we see 7 bird species daily, 2 butterfly, 4 bees.  This year I have not seen a single mason bee, nor a single mosquito.   The lack of insects is really disturbing.  I plan to take inventory at the end of each month to see what is in residence this year.

Currently I am researching places I can source plants, who gather seed or plant material in a sustainable fashion.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.