Where will the birds go?

Updated 8/20/2022 Climate change is impacting the summer and winter grounds for migrating birds.  Predictions for habitat loss due to climate is being studied so that wildlife corridors are saved for those birds as they determine new areas to live in a changing world. 2022 – 6 years on I continue the work. In 2016… Continue reading Where will the birds go?

Another powdery mildew victim

Powdery mildew — an ever present danger in Colorado gardens. To battle it on a peony I am trying a top coat of a mouthwash solution. Paeonia ‘Dr Alexander Fleming’ 9/4/2016 powdery mildew. 30% solution mouthwash applied to leaves.  Trimmed lower leaves. 11/1/2016  Update The mouthwash treatment kept mildew at bay for a couple weeks,… Continue reading Another powdery mildew victim

When gardening hurts

There was so much to do this year and so little time.  The long days of weeding, trimming, and hauling caught up with me. I have been nursing a back strain since mid-June.  And watching all my hard work in the garden slowly slip back to an unruly mess. So what to do?  I have… Continue reading When gardening hurts

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