Where will the birds go?

Updated 8/20/2022

Climate change is impacting the summer and winter grounds for migrating birds.  Predictions for habitat loss due to climate is being studied so that wildlife corridors are saved for those birds as they determine new areas to live in a changing world.

2022 – 6 years on I continue the work.

In 2016 Audubon posted a gorgeous view of the projected changes to the highways of bird migrations. It followed the paths birds take to reach cooler climates and predict how much further they may need to go to reach places resembling their nesting grounds.   Although the graphic no longer exists – the map remains in my memory as a reminder of the ebb and flow of the energy in our world. There is a pulsing that only our carbon brothers know. But you get the idea with Forecasting Migration Shift. This map too is mesmerizing.

In 2016 I began the personal journey to use the knowledge of climate reports to determine how to be of service to my natural world and most so the world I inhabite most of my waking life. I wanted to create habitat for those losing to the endless march of irresponsible development, and taken for granted resources.  I also wanted to be a steward of our public areas I walk every day. I started where I always do – finding the links to create a more perfect union.

Now our the price of our neglect is coming due. I’ll be looking for the way forward.

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If you want to help, contact the Audobon Society with your donation today. But more so than donations being boots on the ground in support of the efforts and volunteering a few hours a month with your kids gives rise to a network of support.

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