Planning for our Neighborhood Entrances

I am very excited to be a part of the planning for updating the plantings for our neighborhood entrances.

HOA Requirements

  • Drought-tolerant (after establishment should have no additional watering requirements)
  • Perennial (do not want to replant year over year)
  • Cost considerate

My Requirements

  • Pollinator Friendly
  • All year color / interest
  • Structure
  • Meets light requirements
  • Must tolerate temp extremes in raised beds

Color Scheme of Sunny beds



Ken Caryl and Pierce

Shade Entrances

  • Below signs brunnera or hosta depending on moisture levels
  • Shade tolerant lily
  • Bushes with summer and winter appeal Red Twig Dogwood or Holodiscus Dumosus Bush Rockspirea
  • Upright evergreens (need more research)


Example plantings

Pierce and Elmhurst. Ornamental Grasses, Salvia, Coreopsis, and Nepeta or Lavender
Pierce and Fairview Ornamental Grass, Salvia, Coreopsis, lower growing lavender or Nepeta
Ken Caryl and Pierce. Juniper with ornamental grasses and shorter shrubs



Ken Caryl and Fairview. Shade plants like Brunnera or Hosta (shown), Larger shrubs and rock



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An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.


  1. Hi again, Jenny~
    I’m wondering if you received the message I sent earlier this AM? Have a good day & Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Jenny~
    I saw your website in the April HOA newsletter and had a quick look at your info. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you immediately. Thank so you much for offering to help the neighborhood. Your ideas are wonderful. I love the purple and yellow color combination and all the variety. It’s all very exciting!
    You have a new neighbor across the street from you who enjoys gardening. She’s out of town right now, but I will see if she might be interested in helping you with your project (if you would like). I can probably recruit others, too.
    My best wishes go with you and your project. Hopefully, you get any help you need. Most sincerely, Charlotte

    1. Thanks much Charlotte! I am trying to find time to get out to each entrance and get measurements. Will probably not get started for another few weeks, but will give you a call when I know more about what we will do when!

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