New plants in 2017

I am left with so little time these days its hard to keep up with watering new plants nevermind documenting their introduction!
But what would a plant list be if their incomplete


  • Hakone Grass
  • Lady Fern
  • Sedum Sunsparkler
  • Cornus Canadensis (bunchberry)
  • Arborvitae North Pole
  • Rasberry Anne Fall bearing
  • Rasberry Joan J Fall bearing
  • Rasberry Latham Summer
  • Crabapple Tree Malus Transitoria Royal Raindrops

Aureola Hakonechloa macra  – Japanese forest grass.  The variety has a yellow varigation.  Missouri Botanical Gardens says it’s “Best grown in humusy, consistently moist, well-drained soils in part shade.”  So absolutely nothing like the soil below the apple tree 🙂  I wonder if I can import the stuff?   What is humus?

Hanoke Grass might be a dry shade challenge.
Hanoke Grass might be a dry shade challenge.

Lady Fern

Lady Fern in a bed of Gallium Odoratum


Cornus Canadensis


Cornus Candensis is a Colorado Native that will act as a groundcover in the back bad.
Arbovitae purchased when its less than 6 inches tall. Perhaps this is the size necessary to get them to establish.


Crabapple Tree Malus Transitoria Royal Raindrops

This glossy leaved beauty will replace the tree cut by the neighbor and will hopefully provide privacy from that house.


Silky Thread Grass

Planted among happy lavenders this fine bladed grass will add a beautiful yellow green.

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