Shade Garden Planning 2018

2017 has been a year of such deep darkness.  With no energy and no light to find my way out, my garden suffered much neglect.  And like my internal world, the garden now has more empty shadows.

The fencing on the south side has created a line that has stunted most of the plants used to getting light through the slated fence.  But the privacy is nice and I intend to work on creating more of it.

I will probably wait on that side though.  The materials/workmanship of the retaining wall put in late 2016 is already showing signs it won’t hold. Its replacement may come much sooner than the quality, but very old one it replaced.  At the highest part, soil is spilling between wood that’s warped from a lack of reinforcement.  It will be a point of worry until we can get a proper wall.  Most likely, it will need ground space for a wall to overlap the existing.  I’m thinking I will plan it myself.  That way,  the chosen materials can fit best with my garden’s hardscape.  The only concern would be ensuring the fence posts do not rot from being covered.  A worry I have no energy for today.

So like my mom used to say, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

Not that I don’t have a TON of shade to address in other areas of the yard!

Creating light in this world with a place for our ever neglected and quickly disappearing neighbors is my key.  Its the thing that drives me now.

The key to this year’s attempt at the shade garden is finding someone reliable who I can work WITH instead of hire out. I want this to be a partnership.

  1. must be native
  2. tranquil
  3. maybe zen or asian influenced
  4. dry shade

Below are some ideas to create a zen shade garden.

This is simple and elegant and could easily be translated into a native pallet.

I love the mystery of this garden. But wouldn’t do for dry shade.
plant diversity
The color diversity here is wonderful. Again could I turn this into a native shade?

Get outside.

Get sunshine.

Get purpose.

Get to work!


This is when you are needed.  This is when you dig deep.  You don’t give up!


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