Vege Garden Planning 2018

Like all things in the world the garden creeps towards entropy without diligent effort.

After many years of only needing a bit of cleanup, the raised vegetable beds need maintenance.

  • Replace soil in most beds to remove powdery mildew spores
  • Repair irrigation chewed by varmints
  • Paint fence
  • Replenish mulch

But this year I would also like to expand the garden to include the area behind the flower bed.  At one point I thought having only a large water trough would be enough.  But I’m thinking this would be better used to create some much needed privacy lost on the south side of the yard.

  • Remove peach tree
  • Move trough to south side
  • Layout new raised beds
  • New fence

This will take a few weekends and labor I will most likely need to hire out.  The time of post hole digging may be gone for this back.  Getting they layout first will ensure I the many trips for materials are lessened.

So time to get outside! But not this weekend, its cold out there baby!

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.