Planning for Shade Garden

I love the new flagstone patio.  Eucevio did a great job creating a place to relax.  Now to create the garden around it to make it all the more inviting.

Last May i purchased 5 goatsbeard plants to use in the shaded area, only to have them all croak before I could get my plan together.   So I want to complete the plan prior to purchasing ANYTHING 🙂


2016 Bringing it together with Natives

Grass along the Vege garden fence  –

deschampsia_cespitosa-320 Tufted Hairgrass (Deschampsia cespitosa)  x 4  The grass with a nice light yellow seed heads will look nice against the blue of the vege garden fence.

Inside the fence pink echinaeas will peek out to add some color.

Wonderful shade garden
Wonderful shade garden

Goatsbeard (aruncus-dioicus) pictured above was the choice to allow for a beautiful white flower that is airy, as seen below. It will grow slowly up to 4 -6 ‘ H and 2 -4 ‘ wide.  I had these around the apple tree but think they will be too tall for that area.

To brighten the area beneath the apple, a dry creek bed with light rock can act as both a small walkway and contrast to the shade garden plants.

Some of the ideas to tie the patio to the shade garden could include turning the flagstone table into a base for a small fountain whose water sits in a basin at the head of the creek bed. The end of the bed would butt up to fence? Or will it curve back to pea gravel walkway?

Could the creek bed extend all the way from side of the house and transition to a walkway from the side gate? Run along fence line for Daisy? Or does it run up to the patio in front of the smoker and then reappear on the other end? Can I make it look like

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.