Vegetable Sowing Calendar

You can copy this seed sowing calendar for use any place in zone 5.

The two main factors in ensuring a plant survives transplant into the garden are:

  • Avoiding late frosts
  • Sufficiently warm soil

Average Last Frost: May 15

In Colorado they say you are safe to plant by Mother’s day.  But you should always keep materials to cover your plants if you hear of a frost warning.  Some plants, like tomatoes will fail to thrive if planted too early and temperatures dip to the 50’s for an extended period.

Soil Temperature

On most seed packets you will find the ideal soil temperature for sowing outdoors.  Seeds like warm soils (between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit). To help start crops early, mounds or raised beds warm up faster.  There is also less likelihood of transplant shock for seeds grown indoors when planted in warm soils.

Calendar for Sowing Indoors

Indoor Sow Week Month to Sow Seed Day to Seed Hardening Days
12 March 1 7
8 March 15 7
6 April 1 7
4 April 15 5
2 May 1 2

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