how seedlings are doing

How the seedlings are doing

3/16 So it’s been a few days. The Valentine grape and the Verona tomatoes are now coming up. The Valentine grape 9 of 12 seeds have propagated. For the Verona six seeds of 12 have germinated.

3/17 in just 24 hours all of the peppers have started to come up. We have, King Arthur, Margaret sweet, mucho Nacho, sweet Heat. I will wait a couple days before doing a final count on how many seeds have germinated.

But my bigger concern will be how I water these when it comes time to plant. We received very little snow this winter. The looming water restrictions will be of concern. Especially with all the new people that have moved in and no new water resources. I had planned to expand the vegetable garden, but now I’m wondering if it should all be planted? The other idea is to forgo watering the lawns. Actually, I’ve wanted to reduce the size of my back lawn for some time, is that this year? During our last major drought I replaced my lawn with buffalo grass. This was in our old house so I have no idea now how it’s doing but it really would be nice to have that type of lawn in a drought year.

Buffalo grass in back yard

Well back to the seedlings. There are many more to come.

March 31st

The seedlings are coming along nicely. and The tomatoes are healthy, about 5 in tall, and have a numerous leaf sets. They are ready to be taken out of their incubators. Last week, I moved all of the tomatoes to red Solo cups. These are the easiest way to allow for large seedlings to be transplanted into the garden. The pepper plants are not far behind. Today I will move them to Solo cups.

3 week old tomato

The next step for transplanting from indoors to outdoors is putting up the small greenhouse. I had great success a few years ago with transplanting using the greenhouse as an interim environment. It gave nightly temperatures that were heated by Christmas lights. During the day exposure to sun, without too much of it, will help the plants resist shock.

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