Does my garden need a story ?

I would think a garden by it’s nature is a story. It’s a thought you can touch. Perhaps it’s what’s missing.

That is what I said probably a week ago.

After a few days of letting this kind of thing sink in, I do have a story. It’s mine. I was just thinking about how pretty much no one, will ever read this. It’s like a secret garden, but in the open. It is so funny, especially where I live. I’ve lived across from my neighbor for almost 5 years? I can’t remember their names. I want to. But in a world of continual and progressive isolation, you forget. Not the name per say, but you forget how to interact.

So this will be the story, love in a garden.

I’m sure the title is not unique, so I won’t be changing my website! But no matter, it’s how I’m hidden in plain sight. But there will be the thoughts I have when I’m gardening, what I’m thinking about gardening, and the rest of my life.

But for now it’s Spring, it’s time welcome the mother that loves you, into your garden. It’s time to plant some pansies!

My MIL’s birthday present

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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