More ideas for ViDas Garden

Pictured: The Marmore’s Falls in Umbria, Italy, the tallest artificial waterfall in the world

Okay so I have no idea what I was thinking. I have a pond pump that is 330 gallons per hour. It has 12.5 foot pumping height. and I’m thinking this is going to be Vince and Danielle’s.

I don’t know what we’ll do with it yet but I’ve got lots of things to work with.

Imagine a pondless waterfall. At the top of the hill there is a piece of Flagstone, in it’s Center is a hole where the hose connected to the water pump creates the top tier of the waterfall. Along along the hill are at 2 more flagstone ledges where waterfalls on to the lower ledge. The water channel is formed by flagstone stacks cemented together to form water tight walls. At the bottom, a pondless water catchment area, to decrease maintenance. Lights?

Ask Brenda to show how her’s is setup.

Watch “Flagstone Water Fall” on YouTube

Watch “The Waterfall Guy – TUTORIAL 1: How to build a small backyard waterfall” on YouTube

a pic to view

another take on natural

And then from the pond right in front, parallel to the railroad ties, you have a dry riverbed with the French drain.

Need to validate slope from North south.

That might sink down a little bit towards the northern part of the yard into an area that you could turn into a warmer a catchment area for water as well as a prairie. Man I am jealous! Nope note there we go, we need a fence to enter the Prairie.

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