A tour of London Gardens

caI think one of the funnest things to do is visit other Gardens. For a friend’s yard, to a palace’s partier, each one offers inspiration.

My friend and I are thinking of places to go. This will be a list of the potentials if we were to go to England. The planning is as much fun often as the trip. You get to learn their history and their relation to each other geographically. So if I had 4 days to do nothing but Wonder a country’s history through their Gardens? What Gardens would I choose? Where’s the best place to be to get to the most important ones? Can you travel through time with a certain route? Who do we want to get to know in these Gardens? Hopefully this list will provide a bit of that.

Interesting people

Interesting Place

To get there. map from london

What about Loch Lomond?

To get there: Train from London to Glascow then From there rent a car?

Vikings Tour: Wilton seat of King of Wessex,. Albert.

To get there: or by car or by Train

More Info:

Castles and Palaces

The Sudeley Castle is full of history in a beautiful area of the country.

Blenheim is on the way – and see a Lancelot ‘Capability’ Browns garden.


An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.