Citizen scientists being the neighbors of habitat.

Nature was only a mile away.

Now I’m realizing how far from nature our neighborhood has become. What was a norm, is now almost forgotten! We have the perfect opportunity to be a bridge. In my yard there are few insects to feed the birds. While we’ve rid ourselves of pests, we live in a wholly artificial landscape. Sadly most of what I found beautiful, might as well be rocks. They provide so little to what insects need. And birds need insects. And snakes. Instead we have rats. Rats! It’s not a coincidence.

And anyone can see this effect. Walk in your yard, look at your plants.

Are they 100% healthy?

Are all the the leaves perfectly formed? Do the gorgeous flowers have bees or butterflies roaming? How about Native bees? We have no miller moths. When i was young my goodness. They were so thick, you had to run in the house if you forgot and left your porch light on. Does anybody remember that?

There are still a few places where you can see some mothes. I remember our first year here. The mosquitoes were so thick!

Maybe there’s just too many people. Too much land gone. We are city now. But I personally think we have a nice opportunity here. We are the other flank of the botanic gardens and Chatfield. We have underpasses that link open space. We need to make our open space as native friendly as we can. But our land managers need help !

So I really really would love to see Wayside Meadows become that Oasis. Our city is a desert with nature around us. But these older neighborhoods have great open space we must Preserve. We can’t let the ignorant poorly educated Developers whose only goal is prophet, to take away that which makes life so wonderful. I wonder if you can get land grants.

And the color of the plants? I see aphids on the Roses. Their leaves are yellow, lime and red. But they are also the deepest green of health.

You don’t need to have perfect leaves. You need to be finding the plants that can thrive while also be eaten. So I’m looking around my yard, and here and there I do see plants that seem to do okay while having holes in their leaves. This is what I want to promote in my yard..

But I should have an eye for the larger picture. There’s so much to be done. I just wish my body were in better shape! We need young able bodies and minds here. We need a major major Cub Scout project. You know the ones that Eagle Scouts might get? I wonder what they do now or how many we even have left?

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.