A Transformation sometimes starts with a buzz, this is ViDas first day

First Published 5/28/2018.



Yesterday was a good day.

I am jubilant with the progress made in my nephew’s yard. We spent the afternoon doing clean up and discovery. We learned they have a grape vine growing up and over their northern fence.

While grapes are cool, the vine also began climbing the evergreens along the fence. Even up the side of the house! So down they came. Their absence will also help with the wasp proble as well.

We trimmed overgrown bushes and trees and decided to least one tree will have to go.

This bush was quite overgrown. Will be interesting to see how it fared after its hair cut.

There will be a full afternoon with a chainsaw in their future! I spent a little time sharing ideas for a focal point viewable from the lovely French doors opening to the concrete patio.


Their yard has little depth between house and the slope up to a fence. By using techniques to trick the eye into seeing more depth. I found free retaining wall block that will be used to create the semi circle pad for a water feature or simple bird bath. Having the path narrow towards that semi circle will create illusion of depth.

We also talked about lawn maintenance and using the mulch setting to add nutrients back to a soil that needs much more organic material. We can over-seed in the fall to add to the fledgling lawn.

Seeing how happy they were with what we accomplished was really satisfying. They have a good place to start and I think it won’t be long before they have a nice spot for enjoying their labor.

With a bit of imagination the blocks can create a nice back wall allowing more depth to the garden view.

Some ideas to ponder

An elegant dry stream


A stream that might fill with water

This is obviously a man-made stream with a long run.  But with summer storms I envision a smaller stream running to the north end of the yard.




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