The English Garden during heat wave and drought

Yellowing leaves drift down from the london plane tree outside our flat. Below the lawn is the dull yellow of late aumtumn straw. When I imagined our tour of English gardens and castles, I pictured vast green lawns and miles of roses. I saw misty hills and dew dripped petals. Yet England isn’t immune to the changing climate. Parched gardens are everywhere in London, during this heat wave being reported the world over. Looking out, I doubt some public greens will ever recover from the foot traffic and heat. On the news they encourage countryfolk to leave water out for the hedgehogs whose natural sources have run dry. Run dry, what a strange term.

Yet with all this we still found plenty of beautiful borders, ponds, and knot gardens. In stark contrast to the scortched earth, the Border of Kew Gardens Grand walk in shines like the crown jewels. Emerald leaves and amethyst pillows bring us smiles. Their beauty cools the tube sweat on our brows and calms our travel jangled nerves.

The English take their border garden seriously. Their depth is as impressive as their length. Who knew you could plant a 15′ tall annual in a border? Really? Of course!

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