It’s all in your point of view


Creating a beautiful photograph is a mystery to me. The funny thing is when I look at my photographs I never see what it was that intrigued me in the actual scene. Funny thing is, it’s the same with how you view life.

I’m working again and again to understand how to first take an even Road. Today Mike is biking with his friend and I’m good with it. But not before thinking about why I would feel unhappy with his departure. And I realize that much of my negative feelings is because I equate his absence to not wanting to spend time with me. Not because he doesnt, but why would he even want to? I’m not a very good wife. I’m not meeting his needs. I don’t interest him and I don’t try to make myself interesting to him. I work and I do chores. I expand so much energy towards doing a good job at work that I leave little for home. What is interesting in that??? Not a thing. So it is absolutely a necessity for Mike to seek excitement elsewhere. But sadly, someone still has to do the chores. So it’s time to mow.

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An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.