Experiments in permaculture with microclimates in a suburban yard

This year saw unintended permaculture experiments, and one in the making.

I never installed the replacement soaker hoses in the flower bed.  Instead of trying to salvage what couldn’t tolerate the semi-arid conditions it became another experiment in conservation.  Next spring I will take inventory of what comes back. I do not intend to water there again.  So natives will replace any that want more water.

The tomato cages didn’t make it into the vege garden… tomato plants everywhere..  Peppers were fruitless due to lack of sun and heat.  All those different peppers i tried?  – a waste.  Agriculture requires a glance every few days from Feb to Nov if you really want a good long harvest.  Seems the hubby has lost all interest in even getting food from the garden, so the eyes have gone from 4 to 2.   Wild grown it will need to be.

The pollinator’s garden now has a tub of dormant peppers, and pepper seeds.  Will see if anything pops up there on a warm winter day ??  Peppers and tomato seeds from unused harvest went into the dry soils of the annual bed. They will be covered with leaves to await spring. Looking at what insects have holed up under rocks and garden art informs what places are needed to encourage more natural insect activity.

The peach trees still live.  The one in the water tank is a hardy one, down right parched at times this year.  I intend to get it into native soil in spring.  If I can hire help!


An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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