Native Plant Conference 2019

February 16, 2019  8:30 4:30

Auraria Campus Tivolo Turnhalle Hall.

There are things to be learned and great places to be.

I will be attending the Colorado Native Plants conference next Saturday.

This all day event features keynote speaker from Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. One of my favorite references for pictures of natives and their habitats.

Breakout sessions geared towards the native naive and knave alike.

I intend to read the plants book Low-Water Native Plants for Colorado Garden



8am: Registration opens – snacks, drinks and bookstore

9am: Welcome and Keynote: Andrea DeLong-Amaya

Andrea manages 275 acres of wildlands.  Wow… so 1 acre should be cake right? If I were to ask her anything it would be:

Q1:  In a sea of low maintenance vegetation management approach, what are key elements that attract and maintain local populations of invertebrates.

Q2. What is the smallest land mass you’ve seen that you’d consider a successful ecosystem?

10am: break

 Sessions I’m Attending

10:30am: Session 1 Breakout:

  • Knows the Natives: Historic Uses of Colorado Native Plants by Jim Tolstrup

Jim Tolstrup  is the State Horticulture and Restoration Chair for the Colorado Native Plant Society.  I am excited to hear his perspective being an integral part of finding ways to preserve biodiversity amongst development.

Q1.  Is he interested in working on a restoration project?

Q2. But really are there recommendations for restored drainages below the foothills that could be copied with volunteer efforts of HOAs that surround our open spaces?

11:30am: Session 2 Breakout:

  • New to Natives: Adding Native Plants to Your Existing Landscape by Ronda Koski

12:20pm: Lunch: Please visit vendors!

1:15pm: Session 3 Breakout:

  • Knows the Natives: Native Grasses by Nick Daniel

2:15pm: Session 4 Breakout:

  • New to Natives: Natives for Year Round Interest by Irene Shonle

3:05pm: Break

3:25pm: Closing Keynote:

The Nature of Colorado’s Native Plant Industry: Unveiling the Mysteries Behind Supply, Demand and Selection by Pat Hayward


It will be great to meet people with wealth of experience to share. I hope to put everything together on three different scales this year and its going to be magic.  Not only will the plant be used in my front yard, at the entrances, and in our common areas of the neighborhood.  I also hope to help my company be stewards of lands they are keen to make better use.

Jim Tolstrup is personally committed to bringing together people with diverse points of view; environmentalists, business people and other community members in an inclusive dialogue about preserving the natural world for future generations.



An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.