Middleton place

I’m reading a book while I’m here, Charlseton. We arrived at Middleton mid-morning amongst dense dense trees. How did anyone think that they could grow something out of a land so boggy and swampy? We got to Middleton place and all the sudden you see live oaks azaleas and camellias the azaleas and Camellias are… Continue reading Middleton place

Foxtail Barley instead of Mexican Feather Grass

I’m looking for a shorter grass that will create movement all summer.   And nothing moves like Foxtail Barley. Imagine these shiny seed heads on a mound the sunlight hits in the late afternoon. Hordeum Jubatum is a grass used extensively at roadsides.  The reason they are not used in landscapes is their great ability to… Continue reading Foxtail Barley instead of Mexican Feather Grass