Middleton place

I’m reading a book while I’m here, Charlseton. We arrived at Middleton mid-morning amongst dense dense trees. How did anyone think that they could grow something out of a land so boggy and swampy?

We got to Middleton place and all the sudden you see live oaks azaleas and camellias the azaleas and Camellias are not native to this area but they grow by the thousands. Middleton place gardens are formal gardens.

From the wilds to intimate spaces and secret gardens. Middleton is only one of many properties the Middleton’s owned. So they could live apart from the slave created rice fields. It was slaves that knew rice cultivation, not the British. Middleton place was burned during the Civil war. The second house sits off center from the original. The various gardens create tranquil spaces.

I asked a docent what native species were grown there and the closest to native was a North Carolina mountain Laurel. So true to the Southern form, they are slow to change.

But it’s too late now anyway. I’ve read we have 10 years.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.