Gaillardia being tested in Sandy soil.

I chose a number of different sites around Grandma’s house for spreading gaillardia seed. I need to head back up to see if I see any seedlings. They’re supposed to get taproots that will help establish them for summer.

Side yard and gallery

Some ideas are they planned garden.

3 rows of sascaton grasses. In front drifts of red hot gaillardia, cool bluestem.

Gaillardia are an annual that readily reseeds. So each year your drips may change and subtly naturalize.

In between you begin the tiny plants of desert shrub. Rabbitbrush. Behind them fences at 45 degree angle to the view. Each consecutive fence farther out into the field so as to draw your eye towards the ditch and the farms behind.

Plant some datura? Worry about spreading.. but then again would create nice vegetation.

The west deck gets privacy from the road with lattice.

Inside, open up to the north?

Increase window above the dining table to have a vertical view?

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.