Where do you start when you have very big gardening plans? Why small of course.

Sketch Meadow and Wood from the path entrance

The garden plan looks great on paper. But as I look around there’s so much to be done. Where do you start?

One of the challenges with my new plan is digging out the dry pond and the dirt will form a berm. This requires I understand the layout of the current sprinkler system. The sprinklers are in two zones. One zone would remain as lawn irrigation and the other zone would be scheduled on what the prairie grass needs. But even then, to start I need to be able to execute on small areas.

Start at the back and work forward. Work my way from the current flower bed, getting rid of the grass at the base of the rock wall, or for now mowing it up a very short height, and laying out the path that will will be grass and then eventually be gravel. That way I can put in the spiria and the other plants that I have in little pots today. The areas I think will become Prairie will be left as high grass. And long shorter strips containers will be placed with the big bluestem bordering grass.

But first I need to start with the bed itself. A backdrop should be homogeneous. Today it’s anything but! There is a chocolate brown Weigela that is the saddest ugliest thing. Who perhaps in more sun wouldn’t look so so ugly and scraggly? So start there and create the backdrop. The rose tree needs major trimming. I will cut it back keeping its rounded shape. And then decide later in the year if it needs to go.

Working in stages

I have about 30 plants that arrived in 3 inch pots. so we start by transplanting those into larger pots as these will not be planted in the ground for some time. We want all of them to have the ability to continue to grow while the ground is prepared. to be able to acclimate them to where they will eventually live I need a place for them to reside well construction is going on.

Using all my containers I will have a container garden, filled with all the plants I need to tend on a daily basis

But first the grass next to the rocks must go!

Today’s list

Dig up the weigela

Find another spirea

Ask Brenda if she wants the blazing .

Can chocolate Vine be cut to the ground?

Plant the grasses in the garden bed.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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